Flavours with Altitude

Thursday 12th November 2020, 09:30 - 10:30am AEDT, 11:30am - 12:30pm NZDT

Flavours of Altitude is a one-hour virtual Coffee sensory journey that will guide you through taste, smell and sounds from speciality Coffees from Peru.

Welcomed by Mario Vargas, Trade Commissioner of Peru with an industry update, you will then be transported to the land of Peru to hear from Richard Jaramillo, Director of Facial Coffee S.A.C.

Zest Coffee and IncaFé roasters will be providing insights into what makes Peruvian Coffee beans so unique followed by a live cupping session hosted by industry expert, Melissa Caia. You will get the chance to try three roasted Coffee samples that will be gifted to you ahead of the event.

You will have access to live Q&A sessions throughout, where you can interact with the grower, roasters, and have a conversation about Coffee.

We will be running a competition to giveaway 1kg worth of your favourite Peruvian Coffee beans, the winner will be announced at the end of the experience.

(The first 50 registries in Aus and 20 in NZ will be gifted a cupping set that includes three varieties of roasted Peruvian Coffee to test during the live cupping experience. With a welcome booklet and more information about Coffees from Peru)

The Agenda



Mario Vargas

Trade Commissioner of Peru

Melissa Caia
Renowned Coffee Specialist

Joop VerBeek


IncaFé Organic Coffee

Richard Jaramillo
Faical Coffee S.A.C in Peru

Aryan Aqajani
Head of Coffee
Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters

Rupert Raineri

Darren Stinson
Origin Projects Manager
Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters

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